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Works by graduates, members, and faculty of The National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis

Balter, Lawrence

  • Dr. Balter's Child Sense: Understanding and Handling The Common Problems of Infancy and Early Childhood (1986). Poseidon/Simon & Schuster.  Soft edition, 1987.
  • Who's In Control?  Dr. Balter's Guide to Discipline Without Combat (1988).  Poseidon/Simon & Schuster.  Soft edition, 1989.
  • Linda Saves The Day: Understanding Fear (1989). Barron's.
  • The Wedding:  Adjusting to a Parent's Remarriage (1989). Barron's.
  • What's The Matter With A.J.?: Understanding Jealousy (1989). Barron's.
  • Sue Lee's New Neighborhood: Adjusting to a New Home (1989).Barron's.
  • A.J.'s Mom Gets A New Job: Adjusting to a Dual-Career Family (1990). Barron's.
  • Alfred Goes To The Hospital: Adjusting to a Medical Emergency (1990). Barron's.
  • Quem Controla Quem?  Pais ou Filhos (1990), Saraiva. [Portuguese translation]
  • Sue Lee Starts School: Adjusting to School (1991). Barron's.
  • A Funeral for Whiskers (Understanding death) Barron's, 1991.
  • "Not In Front of the Children..."  How To Talk To Your Child About Tough Family Matters (1993). Viking.  Soft edition, 1994.
  • Comment Bien Leur Dire?  Un guide pour expliquer aux enfants les situations les plus délicates (1994).  Marabout.  [French translation]
  • Quem Controla Quem: Pais ou Filhos (1995). Saraiva. [Portuguese translation].
  • Parenthood in America:  An Encyclopedia (2000). (Ed.). ABC-CLIO.
  • ____ & Tamis-LeMonda, C. (Eds.). Child Psychology: A Handbook of Contemporary Issues, second edition (2006) Psychology Press.

Bergmann, Martin

  • The Anatomy of Loving (1987). Columbia University Press.

Cooper, Paul

  • Weiner, M, Cooper, P, Barbre, C. (Eds). Psychotherapy and Religion: Many Paths, One Journey (2005). Jason Aronson.
  • Into the Mountain Stream: Psychotherapy and Buddhist Experience (2007). Jason Aronson.

Deri, Susan

  • Symbolization and Creativity (1984). International University Press.

Eigen, Michael 

  • The Psychotic Core (2004). Karnac Books.
  • Coming Through the Whirlwind (1992). Chiron Publications.
  • The Electrified Tightrope  & Adam Phillips (2004).  Karnac Books.
  • Reshaping the Self (1995). Psychosocial Press/International Universities Press.
  • Psychic Deadness (2004). Karnac Books.
  • The Psychoanalytic Mystic (1998). Free Association Books.
  • Toxic Nourishment (1999). Karnac Books.
  • Damaged Bonds (2001). Karnac Books.
  • Ecstasy (2001). Wesleyan University Press.
  • Rage (2002). Wesleyan University Press.
  • The Sensitive Self  (2004). Wesleyan University Press.
  • Emotional Storm (2005). Wesleyan University Press.
  • Lust (2006). Wesleyan University Press.
  • Feeling Matters (2007). Karnac Books.
  • Conversations With Michael Eigen. M. Eigen and A. Govrin. Karnac Books (in preparation).
  • Age of Psychopathy. Rome: FrancoAngelli (Italian edition; in preparation).

Feirstein, Frederick

  • New and Selected Poems (1998). Story Line Press.

Grinberg, Henry 

  • Variations on the Beast (2006). The Dragon Press.

Fine, Reuben

  • The Psychology of The Chess Player (1967). Dover.
  • The Development of Freud's Thought (1973).  Jason Aronson.
  • Psychoanalytic Psychology (1975). Jason Aronson.
  • A History of Psychoanalysis (1979). Columbia University Press.

Horner, Althea

  • Object Relations and The Developing Ego in Therapy, second edition (1984). Jason Aronson. 
  • Treating The Oedipal Patient in Brief Psychotherapy (1985). Jason Aronson.
  • The Wish for Power and the Fear of Having It (1989). Jason Aronson.
  • Being and Loving (1990). Jason Aronson.
  • The Primacy of Structure:  The Psychotherapy of Underlying Character Structure (1991). Jason Aronson.
  • Psychoanalytic Object Relations Therapy (1991). Jason Aronson.

Hagman, George

  • Aesthetic Experience: Beauty, Creativity and the Search for the Ideal (2005). Rodopi Press.
  • ____ & Carl Rotenberg, MD (Eds.). Creativity, Art and Psychoanalysis [An issue of Psychoanalytic Inquiry].  (2006). The Analytic Press.

Hammer, Emanuel

  • Reaching the Affect (1990), Jason Aronson.

Kahn, Charlotte

  • Adaptive and Maladaptive Family Relationships (1978). Instructional Books.  Center for Instructional Development, Syracuse University.
  • Immigrant Experience: Personal Narrative, Psychological Analysis (1997). Associated University Presses.
  • Children Surviving Persecution: An International Stud  (1998). Praeger.
  • Ten Years of German Unification: One State, Two Peoples. (2000). Praeger.
  • Resurgence of Jewish Life in Germany. (2004). Praeger.

Mattes, Jane

  • Single Mothers by Choice: A Guidebook For Single Women Who Are Considering or Have Chosen Motherhood  (1994). Times Books.

McWilliams, Nancy 

  • Psychoanalytic diagnosis: Understanding personality structure in the clinical process (1994). Guilford Press
  • Psychoanalytic case formulation (1999). Guilford Press.
  • Psychoanalytic therapy: A Practitioner’s Guide (2004). Guilford Press. 
  • Psychoanalytic Reflections on a Gender-Free Case:  Into The Void (2005). (Toronto, E.L.K., Ainsle, G., Donovan,M., Kelly, M., Kiefer, C.C., Eds.). Routledge.
  • Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual. (2005). (PDM Task Force, Eds.). Alliance of Psychoanalytic Organizations.

Menaker, Esther

  • _____& Menaker, William, Ego in Evolution (1965). Grove Press.
  • Masochism and The Emergent Ego (1979). Human Sciences Press.
  • Otto Rank:  A Rediscovered Legacy (1984). Columbia University Press.
  • The Freedom To Inquire (1995). Jason Aronson.

Panken, Shirley

  • The Joy of Suffering (1973). Jason Aronson.

Reik, Theodor

  • Listening With The Third Ear (1983). Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
  • Love and Lust (1962), Farrar, Straus, and Cudahy.
  • The Search Within (1956). Farrar, Straus, and Cudahy.
  • Masochism and Modern Man (1941). Grove Press.

Robbins, Arthur

  • _____ & Silbey, L., Creative Art Therapy (1976). Brunner-Mazel.
  • Expressive Therapy: A Creative Arts Approach to Depth Oriented Treatment (1981). Human Science Press.
  • The Artist As Therapist (1986. Human Science Press.
  • Between Therapists (1988). Human Sciences Press.
  • The Psychoaesthetic Experience (1994). Human Science Press.
  • A Multi-Modal Approach to Creative Arts Therapy (1997). Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Therapeutic Presence (1998). Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Roland, Alan

  • The Search for Self in India and Japan: Toward a Cross-cultural Psychology (1988). Princeton University Press.
  • Cultural Pluralism and Psychoanalysis: The Asian and North American Experience (1996). Routledge.

Satow, Roberta

  • Doing the Right Thing: Taking Care of Your Elderly Parents Even if They Didn’t Take Care of You (2005), Jeremy Tarcher Publishers.
  • Gender and Social Life (Ed.) (2000). Allyn & Bacon.
  • _____ & Gina Vastola, Gender and Social Life: A Workbook (2000), Allyn & Bacon.

Silver, Catherine

  • Black Teachers in Urban Schools (1973). Praeger Press.
  • Frederick LePlay: On Family, Work, and Social Change (1982). University of Chicago Press.


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