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Auditing Policy

An auditor is a professional who has an interest in studying psychoanalytic theory but does not wish to pursue training as a psychoanalyst. An auditor may take one course each term from among the list of required 600 level courses. Unless the number of auditors is sufficient for the Faculty and Curriculum Committee to schedule a separate class, auditors are admitted into regularly scheduled courses.

A. Admission as an auditor: An auditor must meet the requirements for admission at the Enrollment level (see Section II-A), except that a single interview will be scheduled to determine motivation and suitability to study as an auditor.

B. Tuition and fees: Tuition is $400 for each 12-session course taken at the 600 level. In addition to the $50 application fee, auditors pay a registration fee of $50 per term; a yearly $10 library fee; a $30 fee for a subscription to The Psychoanalytic Review; a $10 fee for a subscription to the NPAP News and Reviews; and $20 for membership in MITO.

C. Options: Auditors complete all reading assignments and participate in general class discussions with no more than 2 absences. They may choose whether or not to make formal oral presentations or complete written assignments (wherever applicable). An auditor who completes all course requirements and receives an acceptable faculty evaluation will receive full credit for this course if admitted later into the training program.

D. Evaluations: Auditors submit evaluations of their experiences in each course to the Faculty and Curriculum Committee. Instructors evaluate auditors according to the extent of each auditor's self-chosen immersion in course requirements.

E. Limitations: Because of the complex nature of the Institute's training aims for all its candidates, auditors implicitly understand and accept that the Training Committee reserves the right to discontinue an auditor's participation at any time. An auditor who has completed all courses at the Enrollment level must then either leave the Institute or apply for full status as a Member-in-Training.


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