Members-in-Training Organization (MITO)

MITO is the candidate association providing a reciprocal channel of communication between the student body and the Institute’s membership and Board of Trustees. Candidates are also referred to as Members-in-Training (MITs). An MIT in good standing is automatically a member of MITO. As an autonomous body, MITO provides both a forum and a structure for furthering the interests of candidates, particularly with respect to their training and the administration of the Institute. Most of the Training Institute’s Standing Committees include a MITO representative empowered to vote on matters of Institute business.

Once a year MITO holds elections to fill vacancies on its Executive Committee, the governing body of MITO. (Offices are held for two years, with half of the committee elected each year.) The Executive Committee, in turn, elects its officers from among its own members and appoints members as representatives to the Institute’s Standing Committees as well as to other responsibilities. The Chair of MITO’s Executive Committee is a voting member of the Board of Trustees of the Training Institute.

MITO’s Executive Committee meets monthly on a Sunday afternoon during the academic year. All candidates are invited to attend meetings as well as the social hour beforehand. Each year MITO devotes at least three meetings to separate, open discussions with the heads of TRCC, the Training Committee, and the Faculty and Curriculum Committee. In addition to organizing special programs and social events, MITO publishes the Free Associations newsletter and an MIT directory.

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