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Registration for any term is not complete, nor is a candidate listed on class rosters, until tuition and fees have been paid in full. A schedule of course offerings covering the academic year is provided to candidates well in advance, including names of instructors, days and times of courses, and separate registration forms for each term. Extra copies of such materials, as well as all other NPAP forms, can always be requested by contacting the NPAP office.

A. Tuition and fees: Tuition is $400 for a 12-week course and $200 for a 6-week course. (Candidates not granted a leave of absence must take at least 1 course per year.) A registration fee of $250 per year is due at the Fall registration and covers registration for the rest of the academic year. This fee includes $40 for the Members In Training Organization. Additional yearly fees due at the Fall registration include (a) a $10 library fee; (b) a $30 fee for a subscription to the NPAP Journal, The Psychoanalytic Review; and (c) a $10 fee for a subscription to the NPAP News and Reviews.

This total of $300 for yearly registration is non-refundable and is required of all candidates, whether they are taking courses each term or not, whether they have elected to take a year's leave of absence or have been granted an extension of this absence. Otherwise, the candidate will become ineligible to participate in TRCC and also will have to apply for re-enrollment in the Institute (accompanied by a $50 fee).

B. Late registration: Late registration will be accepted (a) if accompanied by a $25 late fee, (b) with the consent of the instructor (if the class has already met once), and (c) only if the class has not met more than once.

C. Refunds: Candidates who are unable to attend a course for which they have registered may obtain a partial tuition refund if they notify the Registrar in writing no later than one week after the class has met. An administrative charge will be incurred for schedule changes and cancellations.

D. Transcripts: An official transcript of course work completed at the Institute may be obtained upon written request to the Registrar, accompanied by a fee of $10.

E. Electronic communications: NPAP's web page is located at and updated regularly. E-mail for the Institute or Association may be sent to (although candidates should note that registration requires forms and payments that cannot be submitted electronically).

F. Completed paperwork: Registration may be done by postal mail or in person. Further information or assistance is available from the Registrar. Registration forms along with a check for tuition and fees made out to the NPAP Training Institute should be addressed to:

NPAP Registrar
150 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011-7891

Phone: 212-924-7440
Fax: 212-989-7543


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