Why Choose NPAP for your Psychoanalytic Training?

Academic Program
: NPAP’s academic program is rigorous and comprehensive and provides a plurality of theoretical viewpoints. The curriculum includes a thorough grounding in the psychoanalytic literature including Freud’s drive theory, the British and American object relations schools, self psychology, ego psychology, relational and inter-subjective perspectives and attachment theory. There is a consistent effort to integrate theory and practice in classes. We also offer opportunities to pursue psychoanalytic research.

Diversity: NPAP is distinguished from most other institutes in that, following the legacy and vision and legacy of Theodor Reik, it provides sound, comprehensive training for competent practice to all qualified applicants, including those from outside the tri-disciplines of psychiatry, clinical psychology, and social work. We believe that mature, intelligent, empathic individuals from the arts, the social sciences, and even the physical sciences bring a unique richness to their practice of psychoanalysis and to their understanding of the human psyche and the human condition.

Licensure: NPAP is a New York State approved psychoanalytic training institute. Completion of our license-qualifying program will prepare candidates for eligibility to apply for the New York State License in Psychoanalysis. 

Clinical Experience:  As a candidate at NPAP you will have the opportunity to begin seeing patients in your second year of training under the auspices of the Theodor Reik Clinical Center for Psychotherapy (TRCC). Office space and supervision are provided.

Distinguished Faculty:  NPAP has an excellent and distinguished faculty, including many published authors. Our journal, The Psychoanalytic Review, published since 1913, is the oldest continuously published psychoanalytic journal in the world.


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